Hi guys!

Welcome back to another 12 things post! I really love these posts because they are kind of an update on what going on in my life. One of the main reasons I enjoy writing blogs so much is to be able to look back on them in the in the future and see what I was doing. I love it :)  

1. James launched his clothing line Out of Office and I am sooo proud! Go show some love and support :) 

2. In my last post, I told you guys we booked the honeymoon!! We will be going on a cruise and I cannot wait! I have been reading tons of advice and tips on going on cruises.  

3. We decorated the house for fall! Can you believe it is officially fall?! 

4. I have been listening to the book Present over Perfect on Audible and really like it so far. I am loving audio books so please let me know some recommendations!

5. This entire weekend we turned our AC off and opened up all the windows and it feels amazing. 85 degrees in Arizona is a big deal lol.  

6. I went on a jog this morning for the first time in like... YEARS. It was a struggle, but it's time to get in wedding and honeymoon shape! 

7. Have you seen the Halloween decorations that Disney's California Adventre added to the park?! I wanna go soooo bad.  

8. I cannot wait until it's chilly enough to wear sweaters and booties.  

9. This year has been FLYING by.  

10. James is getting the iPhone 8 plus and I am sooo jelly lol!  

11. The wedding is coming up so quick! I feel like we are close to having all the details ironed out.  

12. I just want to use this last one to thank all the people who take time to read this blog. It's so cool. :) 

Thanks for reading!!!!! Xoxoox