Hello everyone! It's the weekend! What better way to spend a Saturday than exploring beautiful Sedona, Arizona. This definitely beats our usual Saturdays (Grocery shopping, cleaning, and lounging around the house)... It has been 100+ degrees in Phoenix lately so we wanted to get away and go up north for the day. Sedona is about two hours from where we live. The weather wasn't as perfect as we had hoped for, it was around 90 degrees and SUNNY. 

The first stop of our trip was at Mcdonalds. Although we did not stop to eat the food, we needed to take a picture of the famous "golden arches". The ones in Sedona are TURQUOISE! I read that they needed to remain "in theme" with Sedona and the culture, which is pretty interesting. I believe there are only a few Mcdonalds in the entire world that do not have the golden arches. So I thought this was picture worthy...

SAM_1675 copy.jpg

We started the day walking around the shops and exploring the art and culture. Most of the shops asked for no photography, so unfortunately, we couldn't get too many photos of the shops. But we did take some really great photos of the view and what we did throughout the day! We did stop by the Sedona Fudge CO. and grab some HUGE chocolate covered strawberries; however, those were eaten before any pictures could be taken...

After walking around the shops, we stopped to have lunch at Canyon Breeze. This was a beautiful place to have lunch and admire the view! The prices were not bad either.. which is a plus! I ordered the turkey panini and curly fries and James has the cheeseburger and curly fries! 

11SAM_1712 copy.jpg
The view from our table!

The view from our table!

After lunch we finished walking around town and headed toward the Tlaquepaque Village! This is actually where my sister had her senior pictures taken earlier in the year which is how we knew of this place. It was nice to come back and reminisce. We found this precious little bohemian themed tea/ chai shop so we had to stop and take pictures on the patio.

11SAM_1808 copy.jpg
11SAM_1799 copy.jpg

Overall, we had such a great day. It was refreshing to get out of town and enjoy ourselves. There is so much beauty, culture, and art in Sedona. We definitely recommend to anyone who visits Arizona!