Hi everyone! So this weekend we took a spontaneous trip (two days prior is still spontaneous, right?) to Sunset Crater. This is just a few miles outside of Flagstaff, Arizona. My grandparents had been camping there for a few days and we decided to spend the day with them. This was the first time we had ever been to Sunset Crater and it was really beautiful. This is where a volcano had erupted many years ago in northern Arizona.

The weather was SO nice up north. During the day, it was around 70 degrees, once the sun set, it was super chilly! I did not check the exact temperature, but I would say somewhere between 50-55 degrees. That is cold for us living in the valley of the sun. And the campsite we were at was BEAUTIFUL. It was so peaceful and there were so many squirrels (my favorite) and blue jays! I set up my camera on the picnic table with a few pieces of pretzels and caught the blue jay grabbing the pretzels. I wish I had got a good picture of the blue jay.

This is actually the first time in years that I had gone up north for a camping day trip. It was really nice not having any cell phone service, sitting around the camp fire, and spending time with my family. We roasted marshmallows and bundled up next to the fire.

I definitely want to come camping again soon! It was so relaxing to just get away for a few hours and embrace nature's beauty!