It is almost here. The big day we officially become homeowner's. I can honestly say this has been a long and stressful process. I work for the mortgage company doing my loan, so I feel the stress at work 8 hours a day. I feel the stress after work hours at home, because I have to pack and clean and get things ready for the big move. It's safe to say I have been stressed for 8+ hours a day for the last few months and it is becoming exhausting. I am actually laying in bed writing this post at 8:42am. But it is FINALLY all coming together. All of the hard work will pay off. I am so excited to be in our new home for so many reasons. One of the reasons, this house actually has grass! This is definitely a luxury I took for granted when I was younger. The home we are renting now has a dirt backyard. Two dogs (one fluffy white one) and a dirt backyard are not the ideal pair.  Another reason is all of the new memories we can make. I cannot wait to make this house our home. We can paint the walls the color we want, remodel what we want, and make everything ours. 

This was the first BIG move I have done as an adult. When James and I first rented our house, we didn't have much furniture or anything of our own because we were living with our parents. So I thought I would write a few tips that helped this process go a little smoother. 

First, start packing sooner than you think. I foolishly did not realize how much stuff (and junk) I am holding onto. *i'll never let go, Jack. So start packing up sooner than you would expect, and get rid of the junk you haven't used in months. It will make the new house seem much cleaner and more organized.  

Second, if you dread packing boxes like I do, try having a few glasses of wine! As long as your of age, of course.  It really helped the packing seem more fun, HA! But forewarning, some of the boxes I labeled say "I forgot".. 

Lastly, and I believe the most important, is give yourself a few days off of work to move. Moving can be so stressful and you will thank yourself later for scheduling a few days off to move. This is one of the biggest purchases of your life, hopefully your bosses will understand. 

UPDATE! We have officially moved into our new house! I will be posting the moving process and some before and after pictures in my next post. It's amazing the difference some paint can do :)