I cannot believe we are already in the fifth month of 2017. Where is time going? I remember growing up I would always hear how quickly time flies as you get older, but never really understood. Now, I completely understand what everyone is talking about. 

I wanted to do something a little different with this post. I absolutely love reading Amber Fillerup's blog. You should definitely check out her blog, she is amazing. Anyway, she does a post called "12 things" where she just lists the 12 things she is doing, or liking, or loving, or anything like that. I really love the idea of listing out 12 things I love or am grateful for. I wanted to start my own little series of "12 things". 

  1. I am so happy that a new season of Prison Break is airing on FOX. I binged-watched all the seasons on Netflix and I am so thrilled they brought the show back after like 10 years! But it drives me crazy waiting a week in between each episode. How can people live like this?!
  2. It is almost swim season. 
  3. I really never purchase swim suits that are not on clearance. Really because I would only go swimming or to the beach a few times a year, so I would just purchase $4 clearance Target bathing suits. But since I have been laying out and swimming so much, I purchased this new bikini top from target! I LOVE IT
  4. I am getting really excited for wedding planning. 
  5. I have been drinking lemon water a lot and it is so refreshing. It is keeping me away from the soda 
  6. It is soooo cool that my blog has over 1200 page views. I know that seems little compared to others, but it is so cool to me. Thanks to everyone who reads!
  7. I have been dying to film another wedding. I hope another opportunity comes along soon.
  8. I love the progress of my house so far. 
  9. James and I watched the movie Sing, and I loved it. I normally fall asleep during our movie nights, and this one oddly kept me awake LOL!!!!
  10. I want to start using Adobe Lightroom to edit pictures.
  11. I do not normally straighten my hair, but I have been lately and I like it!
  12. I still cannot believe how quickly this year is going.