"A year from now you will wish you had started today". Why is this so true? If you have been reading my blog for a while, you will know that it is my dream to be self-employed. I have not always known this. When asked in elementary school, maybe even high school, what I wanted to be when I grow up I would have said something like a teacher (which I did take a few college courses in teaching). Now, I cannot even imagine wanting to do anything other than being self-employed. 

When I was 17 (maybe 18) years old. I was working at a hair salon as a receptionist. This is, to this day, the easiest job I have ever had. I enjoyed where I worked and the girls I worked with. One day, I had a change in heart. I cannot remember what was told of me to do or what the situation was, but I remember my manager at the time had ticked me off about something. I think it was along the lines of I could not get a day off or something like that. One of my biggest flaws (which in my mind, is not necessarily a flaw, but more of a strong point) is I am really bad with authority. I mean really really bad. I know what you are thinking. "Of course, another 23 year old millennial that cannot handle authority..."  But that is not the case. But I will get to this later. Back to the salon, I remember feeling so upset about whatever situation it was. That was the day I told myself "One day I will be my own boss". And I even posted a Facebook status that day saying "One day I will be my own boss" LOL! But this was the day I decided I didn't want to work for anyone else. 

Since I was 17 or 18 years old, I knew I was meant to do more. Meant for bigger and better. I knew I was meant to be my own boss, but I did not know what. At 18, I told myself and all of my family I was going to open up a little tea and coffee shop. I would have tables and couches and books and music and all this fun stuff. I practiced making different kinds of drinks- things I would want to serve in my shop. Even James had purchased me some stuff to start it experimenting LOL! Funny, I ALSO have a Facebook status about him purchasing ingredients. It was the perfect business plan. Well, I never followed through with it. Right after high school, I ended up getting a really good position with a bank, making good money, having a 401k, PTO, health insurance, all the "benefits" of having a corporate job. For a short period of time, I thought this is how life is supposed to be. You go to school, graduate, get a corporate job, work for 45 years, retire, and spend the last few decades of your life doing the things you really want to do. What kind of life is that? Don't get me wrong, if you love your job, or even tolerate your job, this kind of stuff may not bother you. But for someone like me, the idea of being told when I am allowed to take a vacation day, what to work on, what time to show up for work, what time I am allowed to leave, how much compensation I earn, how many sick days I am allowed to have and so on and so on (I could literally go on and on)- that kind of life is absolutely asinine. My brain cannot even fathom the amount of control jobs have over your life. And yes, I get it, we need to make a paycheck every two weeks to afford our mortgage, groceries, car payments, etc.. But to have zero control over your life, voluntarily relinquishing 40 or more hours each week to earn someone else a living, work towards someone else's dream, that is what I cannot get my mind around. Corporate jobs make you comfortable. They offer you vacation days, good compensation (still probably not as much as you should earn), retirement plans, health insurance, and all these other "perks" to make you feel too comfortable to do something more.. 

Like I said before, if you like your job or working for someone else, then that is awesome! I am not entirely convinced that is true if you are still reading. ;)

I am the 23 year old millennial that cannot take authority. I cannot take someone telling me when I can and cannot have a day off. When I can and cannot leave work for the day. What I can and cannot work on. To me, life is about far more than just living your life on the weekends. Life is about more than just clocking out for the day and going home. 

Every single job I have ever had has been just that, only a job. I do not feel inspired. I do not feel motivated. I do not feel like I am contributing my real skill or talent to the world. Every single person deserves to act on their true passion.  To pursue their own dreams. 

I truly believe if you have ever thought about becoming self employed, or creating a business, or pursing a dream, or even quitting your current job, then you should. You are only given one shot at life and if you are spending 40+ hours doing anything besides what you truly love, then you are wasting your time. 

Make the change. Pursue your dream. Don't count on "someday". Do anything and everything to  change "someday" to "now". A year from now, you will wish you had started today.