Hi guys! Today I am gonna talk about some wedding plans / ideas that I have. As you may now, I recently got engaged on my birthday in DISNEYLANDDD!!!! You can click here to see the whole surprise proposal. I have watched that video sooo many times and I still get butterflies every time. :)

Anyway, we haven't done a whole lot of wedding planning. I have sort of avoided any wedding planning. There really is no particular reason, it just becomes overwhelming. Has anyone else felt like that? I feel like I am the odd ball because all of the future brides I talk to cannot wait to begin planning. 

So I feel like we have a majority of the plans figured out. We have the venue, honeymoon, the date, and the food picked out. That is a good start right? 

The venue is this beautiful private spot by a lake in Arizona. Our friend knows the owner of the land and was able to get that spot for the big day! It is outdoors, grassy, a huge tree, and the water in the back. So prettttyyyy!!!

The date will be the end of March. We are working on a virtual "save the date" with a short video of us announcing the wedding date at the end. I am really looking forward to finishing this video. Here is a screenshot of one of the scenes. 

I don't believe I have ever seen a "save the date" video announcement before so I am excited to finish this. Once it's complete, I will be sure to post it!! We are actually going to film tonight and take some pictures. 

The next item on my list I want to cross off is the bridesmaid proposals. All of my bridesmaids already know they are apart of the wedding, but I still want to give them the gift. I already have a few ideas of the bridesmaid gift proposal so I will be sure to write a post about. I have used Pinterest for EVERYTHING wedding related. It is truly the best app ever. 

I will continue to sneak in a few wedding posts here and there. Now that I am actively planning, I will have a lot more to post about!