Hello everyone!

I normally post my 12 things at the beginning of the month, but July flew by! So Hopefully you guys had a great month! July has been wonderful so far. I cannot believe we are approaching the 8th month of the year. Time is flying. Let's jump into my 12 things for the month of July!

1. James and I are hosting our first Halloween costume party this year and I cannot wait! It is never too early to start talking about Halloween ;)

2. I posted two blogs that I was super exited for. How to take better Instagram pictures and 10 things I have learned from blogging in a year

3. I am wearing this electric blue nail polish and I love it!

4. OMG how could I forget, I BOUGHT MY WEDDING DRESS! Here is a blog post about the special day. 

5. I signed up for some e-courses with HeleneInBetween about building your blog. I adore her blog and I am super excited to step this page up a notch! *insert bicep emoji 

6. I ordered my bridesmaid's gifts and I cannot wait to write a blog post about it.

7. It is definitely Monsoon season in Arizona and I am OBSESSED. I love rain and storms, but I HATE thunder. Funny story, when we first adopted Jax, our dog, we would sleep out on the couch to be able to take him potty throughout the night. One night it was storming really hard and the thunder scared me, so I woke James and told him "James wake up, Jax is really scared of the thunder" and he looked down and Jax was sleeping like a rock. He knew it was me that was scared LOL!

8. I think I wrote this in my 12 things in June, but I am wanting a vacation sooo bad. I really want to go somewhere like San Fran or Seattle. Or Portland. 

9. Since it is monsoon season I have been loving coffee and hot tea at night! Some of my favorite teas from Teavana are Peach Tranquility and Mint Majesty 

10. I made the mistake of showing Jax he can hangout on the baja step in our pool and now he is alwayssss in the pool. It was raining last night and this crazy dog jumped in the pool. He is so weird lol. 

11. I just bought a pair of rose gold, cat eye sunglasses from Target and I love them. Here is a very similar pair. I cannot find the exact pair :(

12. My goal is to get out two blog posts a week. I am going to try really hard to achieve this!

13. BONUS - Last night James and I watched The Gift, not knowing it was a scary movie.. We got through about 30 minutes before we turned it off because it was scary. I ended up having a nightmare about the movie. This is why I do not watch scary movies...


Let me know what your 12 things are for the month of July!!