BEARIZONA | Williams, AZ


I hope you all had a great weekend!! Saturday night we had the biggest monsoon storm this summer! It was soo cool! I think the backyard is still flooded... lol.

So today (Sunday) we took a mini road trip up to Williams and Flagstaff to visit Bearizona! This is a drive through wild life park where you can see bears, wolves (so crazy) bison, elk, deer, and so on.. It was sooo amazing! I am so glad we did this.

The weather app told us it would be rainy like 80% of the day- NOPE. Good ol' Arizona weather can never make up it's mind... So it was probably around 75 degrees and mostly sunny. At some points it was very over casty and it rained for like a total of two minutes..

But anyway, so driving through Bearizona was soo cool. It is amazing to be in the animals habitat to be able to see how they really are. Although I have been to zoos, I do not like animals being captive in cages.. So I love the idea of a drive through wild life park. And I even read on their website that they help rescue some of the injured animals in the wild and help rehabilitate them in the park. 

There is a drive through area, where you have to keep the doors locked and the windows up (which is why these pictures are not the greatest of quality) then there is more of a "zoo" type section. So completely disregards everything I just wrote above. 

So here are tonnnsss of pictures of the trip!


This bear was my favorite. He was in this giant tub splashing around and having just the greatest of times. His feet were even up in the tub like he was just relaxing lol. When we drove up I feel like he got embarrassed and jumped out of the tun and ran away lol. It was so cute!

I hope you guys enjoyed this blog!!