Hey guys!

I have been pretty MIA lately. I have been so busy this past week with home, work, life, and what feels like EVERYTHING. I feel like once I cross one thing off of my to-do list, three more things replace it. Hopefully I will see the light at the end of the tunnel soon lol. But I am definitely going to get myself and my posts back on track. There are some pretty exciting things happening that I will be talking about soon ;)

So since I have been blogging more frequently (aside from my little hiatus), I find it a lot easier to always have new content to write about. I love always having new ideas. But before I could come up with them on my own easily, I would look up blog posts to get some inspiration for my own posts. So today I thought I would share what my most popular posts are!

*Side note- Squarespace only displays my most popular content for the month- so all of these figures will be on a monthly basis.

1. DIY Mickey's Funwheel Drink

I had nooo idea this would get the amount of traffic it has. I love all things Disney and really loved this drink when I went to the parks about a year ago and decided to recreate it. This is definitely my most popular. This post has just under 200 views for this month. I review my analytics every month and this post normally generates 30-50% of my traffic each month. Insane. 

2. DIY Ikea Vanity

I loved making this post. I am still in love with my vanity to this day. This post has about 100 page views for this month.

3. My Surprise Disneyland Proposal

This post is personally my favorite. I just love reliving that day :) This post also has about 100 page views this month. 

All of my most popular posts are ones that I really enjoyed writing about. Just keep that in mind when you are blogging. Posts that really reflect you and your interests will do better than ones you just threw together... in most cases. ;)

I hope you enjoyed!! I will be posting again Monday :)