BRIDESMAID GIFTS - Bridesmaid proposal

Welcome back you guys!

I went shopping with my bridesmaids yesterday to look at some bridesmaid dresses and I also FINALLY gave them their Bridesmaid gifts/ bridesmaid proposal gifts (I am not sure if it is called proposal or gift- so I am calling it both lol), soooo today I thought I would share my bridesmaid proposal gifts! These gift boxes are not mandatory, but it is just a thoughtful way to ask your bridesmaid to be apart of your big day and thank them for all of their love and support.

Ideally, I believe these gifts are supposed to be given pretty soon after the engagement. It took me 8 months to FINALLY give mine hehe. Better than never right? My girls already knew they were going to be in the bridal party, so that wasn't an issue. 

Quick side note, I have 4 girls in my bridal party. Two are my sisters, the other two I have been friends with since Kindergarden and I am just so blessed to have these girls I have known my whole life beside me on my big day!

The main item in my gift box is the robe. I purchase these adorable robes from Etsy and I could not be happier with them. The customer service was great and they arrived in a reallly pretty packaging! All of the bridesmaids will have the navy blue and mine will be white. When we are getting ready the morning of the wedding and prepping for the big day, these are the robes we will wear. I absolutely love them. Here is the picture I found on Etsy of the bridal party wearing the robes on the wedding day!

This is not my picture. I used this picture from the  Etsy  page I purchased them from.

This is not my picture. I used this picture from the Etsy page I purchased them from.

Champagne gummy bears! How cute are these?! I purchased these from Target and thought it would go so well with the gift. I just put them in a little clear back and tied them with a pretty ribbon.

A small bottle of Champagne. This will definitely come in handy during wedding planning, LOL. 

Lastly, I just wrote a sweet little card that I bought from Target in their $1 section. (I love this section!!) 

 The finished look!! I could not be happier with the way the gifts turned out :)

I really really hope this helps give you some ideas if any of you are planning a wedding!