HOW I MET MY FIANCE | Story time

Hi guys!

This is my second story in my blog series Story Time. The name is pretty self-explanatory, but I am going to share stories about my personal life here and there. My very first story time was about my surprise Disneyland proposal. 

So kids, today I am going to share an incredible story. The story of how James and I met. *ba ba ba ba baaaa*

So James and I met Freshmen year in High School. We had mutual friends, so we were always around each other, but never really talked.

It wasn't until Junior year we actually started becoming friends. We had two classes together- Exploring Communications and English. In English, we only really knew each other so it was easier to become friends. Plus, I was the teacher's assistant so I was in charge of the seating chart and sat him next to me ;) LOL! It's funny because I would grade his papers in class and always give him and A+, even when his homework was half complete... 

Eventually, it became pretty obvious him and I were starting to like each other, but I didn't want anyone to know I liked him. Looking back, I have nooo idea why I didn't want anyone to know.. I was weird lol. So one day, his best friend, Kyle, called me and asked me "Hey do you like James?" not knowing that James had liked me to and was listening on the phone call... And me, being all embarrassed, I said "Ew no!!" and hung up... So James was discouraged. Clearly.

So in HS, I was on the volleyball team. Every Tuesday or something our team would get together and have lunch at Subway before our game, and one day (a few days later from his bestfriend calling me) he asked me if I wanted to go to Subway with him. And apparently I was playing extremely hard to get. So I tell him "uuhhh noo, I do not have any money." and he tells me "it's okay, I will pay for you." Then I tell him "I don't have a ride" and he responded "I will drive you". and then finally I was like "Uhhh I just can't go". 

I really have no idea why I was playing so hard to get. I just assumed that James was the player type in high school. LOL

Then around Thanksgiving, I went to Minnesota to visit my uncle for about 10 days or so. James and I were texting each each other constantly. We were talking about what I was missing at school, how my trip was going, and just a bunch of random things. Then one night while I was there, I told him that I liked him and he told me he liked me too.

Fast forward like two days when I got back to school, I COMPLETELY ignored him. I acted like that conversation of us liking each other never existed.. Again, I do not know why I was so difficult. I think that I had thought it was a prank or something  for a good like week or so, I stopped talking to James.

I'm not sure how, but we ended up talking again and eventually started to hang out more and more. After a few weeks of hanging out,  he had asked me to be his girlfriend. This December, it will be 7 years of us being together. I cannot believe that. SEVEN YEARS. And then we will be getting married in March 2018.

I am so grateful that James didn't give up. I always tell him I was just playing hard to get so I knew he was the one. LOL! Who would have thought I would end up marrying the boy I had in two classes in High School that I ignored for after telling him I liked him. It is just funny how things work out. :)

Here are some pictures of us over the years!