Welcome back!! If you can't tell by the title, OUR HONEYMOON IS BOOKED! *Insert airplane emoji and heart eyes!

In March 2018, James and I will be cruising the Caribbean waters. We are so extremely excited! Neither of us have been on a cruise before, so this will be a new adventure for us- being married AND going on our first cruise!

We decided to use the Carnival Cruiseline. Like I said, neither James or I have ever been on a cruise so I don’t have tips to getting the best deal or anything. But we did book our cruise with Costco and will receive a $70 gift card.. score! It was the same booking directly through the Carnival website so I figured I might as well get a free gift card booking with Cotco. Carnival seemed to have tons of great reviews- whether it’s honeymoon, family vacation, or Plus, there are so many activities you can do on the ship. There are casinos, bars and restaurants, pools, hot tubs, water parks, movie theaters.. and more. And then the actual excursions! I just cannot wait.

After tip-toeing around whether to get a room with a balcony or not, we did! And I am so happy we did. At first, I kept telling myself that the entire ship is a balcony. But then I started thinking about laying in bed with the balcony door open, listening to the water. Or enjoying a cup of coffee in the morning in my PJ's looking out at the ocean sounds like heaven on earth. Plus, I heard the rooms are pretty small so it is nice to feel the fresh air and feel so couped up. 

March cannot come soon enough. Wedding and then the honeymoon!

If anyone has advice or tips about cruises, please share!! It would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks for reading!