MY HONEYMOON w/ Carnival Cruise Line + First Time Cruise Advice

Hello everyone!

I am back with another blog post. And it's about to be a long one.. it's all about my HONEYMOON and advice for a first time cruiser, like myself! I think I will break this post into a few separate posts because there is just so much information. 


So let's begin with why a cruise? Like I said, neither James or I have ever been on a cruise. So what made us decide a cruise? We actually went back and fourth with ideas for so long. We loved the idea of a Europe trip, but we also wanted something relaxing. So we thought Hawaii- but we've been to Hawaii and wanted something new. a new experience as husband and wife.

So around October James mom had just got back from her very first cruise and she raaaved about it. So we started researching and finding out everything we could about cruises and we LOVED the idea. It was relaxing, but there was also so much to do on the ship and off the ship (shore excursions). 

We ended up booking a 5 day cruise with Carnival Cruise Line and we could not have been more impressed. We got a balcony room on the 6th deck, in the middle of ship. We LOVED the location. I highly recommend the balcony rooms. I cannot express how delightful it is to take a nap with the door open and listen to the waves crashing up against the ship. We also really enjoyed having our room right off the stairs/elevators. The elevators are extremely slow and busy, so most of the time we just used the stairs. Our room was little like 2 rooms outside of the staircase, so it was really nice to just walk out of your room into the elevator/ stair hall.

What to pack. I googled everything about what to pack for a first cruise and to be honest, the tips weren't extremely useful- at least not for me. Here is what I would recommend. I would definitely bring 2 or more bathing suits (I think I brought 4 which was nice incase one was still wet from earlier in the day, i could put on a new one for the night) A big sun hat, sun glasses, few pairs of shoes (sandals, tennis shoes, and nicer heels for elegant night) Sun block and lots of sun dresses (it seemed that is what I wore 90% of the trip) I also recommend purchasing those packing pods to separate clean and used under garments, swim suits and socks, and so on. Even if you don't think you will need it, I recommend bringing SOMETHING for motion sickness- whether it's a pill, essential oil, the bracelet thing. It's very pricey on the ship!

What to do. There is SOO much to on a cruise. We attended several of the theater productions (my favorite one was a love and marriage game show!! So FUNNY!) We went to the casino, comedy show, tea party, pools/hot tubs, spa, seriously- there is SOO much to do! We never got bored. 

Excursions. Our cruise stopped in two locations, Cozumel and Progresso. We went swimming with dolphins in Cozumel and it was so fun, I definitely recommend! I really wanted to do a scuba diving one as well, but hopefully I will get around that one on the next cruise! Alot of cruise tips say you can save some serious money by venturing out and finding your own activities (the ones that are not provided by the cruise ship) but to be honest, I personally felt safer with the excursions provided by the cruise line. Yes, I could have saved money- but in case of an emergency I had the peace of mind knowing at least the cruise ship knew where i was LOL. 

FOOD. Food was amazing. The buffet food is okay... I preferred the little restaurants through out the ship where they have made to order burgers, tacos/burritos, PIZZA (this was a life saver at 2am when we were starving lol) and the nightly dinners were great too. My favorite food I had was brunch mornings (I LOVE breakfast food...and mimosas lol) And my favorite thing of all, THE SOFT SERVE ICECREAM!!! I probably had at least 3 cones a day. So worth it. 

To avoid this post being an essay, I will end the post here. Like I said, I will split up into a few different parts. I think my next post will be about the Carnival Cruise Drinks and CHEERS program! I have a lot of information for that one :)

I have seriously honeymoon withdrawals. I wish I could re-live this week over and over again!

Here are some honeymoon pictures! Be sure to follow my instagram @ashleykasallis to see all of my highlighted stories from the honeymoon!