GENDER REVEAL + Small life update

Hi hi hi!!!

We found out the gender of our baby!! I am so happy to announce a little baby boy is on the way <3 We are so excited to throw one more stinky boy into the Abbott household (my dogs are boys). I am just itching to get started on the nursery now. Be sure to check out the video! We had a small reveal with my family and it was a lot of fun.

Also! James and I are taking a babymoon/ anniversary trip on Monday! I cannot wait. I am currently 18 weeks and i’ll be just turning 19 weeks when we go. Just about half way there!

So aside from babies - I thought i’d give a little life update.

  • I’ve been watching the show Handmaid’s Tale and i’m really into it. If you haven’t watched it, you really should. it’s pretty addicting.

  • i’m DYINNNGGG for Spring and Summer to come. I’m so over the cold. And mind you, I live in AZ where “cold” to me is anything below 60 degrees hahaha. I wouldn’t stand a chance in colder parts of the country.

  • Mine and James one year wedding anniversary is coming! I think i wanna do a “one year married” blog post.

  • Sleeping is getting so tough with this new small baby bump I have. I wake up every morning with a backache. Woops - i went back to baby talk lol.

Anyway! That’s all my brain can think of right now. Next week is my babymoon trip so I can’t wait to write another post!