My Fiance and I got engaged December 1st, 2016 (My 23rd birthday). I was surprised about 4AM in the morning telling me to get packed... we are going a trip. We ended up flying to Disneyland with my whole family when he proposed. I have a video and a blog post about the whole day! Nonetheless, it was the most special day of my entire life.

Fast forward to present day. I am getting married in less than 8 months and I am losing my mind. When I was young, well,  younger.., I thought wedding planning was going to be so much fun. Picking out a dress, colors, flowers, cake, champagne, decorations, a venue, more champagne.... What could be so hard? 

Everything. Everything is hard. 

I suppose planning a wedding is much easier when you actually hire a wedding planner. But who wants to fork over a couple thousand dollars to someone else? I would much rather use that extra money towards the maybe the honeymoon, or ya know, more champagne. LOL

 8 months. I have less than 8 months to plan the most special day of my life. So far, I have picked my dress- which was much easier than I thought it would be. I have picked the location, colors, and food. That is a pretty good... right?

In case you were thinking I had some tips or advice on how to not stress during wedding planning, I don't. 

The only advice I can really give (which is probably an obvious one) is to just focus on making the day about YOU and your fiance. I mean, it's YOUR wedding, right? Cater the food YOU want. I can tell you, the food we picked to serve is our favorite food, If anyone doesn't like it, they don't have to eat it lol. Invite the people YOU want to be there. Not who your friends want, not who your Great Aunt Sally wants.. I don't have a Great Aunt Sally- don't worry.

Everyday I consider eloping more and more. Have you ever seen The Office? I want to be married by a captain of a ship in the Niagara Falls like Jim and Pam. :)


Let me just leave you with this last thought. Wedding planning sucks, CHEERS!

PS! How cute is this Fiance shirt from Target?! I think once you are engaged you are obligated to buy at least one fiance shirt :)

Thanks for reading!!!